April and May Show & Tell

At the April 2022 Tudor Rose Sampler Guild meeting, one of our members, Robert Harris walked us through his needlework journey starting back in the early 80s to the present. Below is a picture of Robert with two models that he has stitched for Hands Across the Sea Samplers.

IMG 0225

At our May meeting several members particiapting in the guilds M.A.G.I.C (My Annual Good Intentions Contract) program showed us their progress on the projects that they want to complete this year.

As always, we had a lot of beautiful completed projects in the Show & Tell portion of our program. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

MaryEllen B Broad Billed Hummingbird
MaryEllen B: Broad Billed Hummingbird from Lindy Stitches
MaryEllen B Catherine Dickenson 1840
MaryEllen B: Catherine Dickenson 1840 from Scattered Seed Samplers
MaryEllen B Mary Ann Aldred
MaryEllen B: Mary Ann Aldred by NeedleworkPress
Roberta L Our Lasting Friendship
Roberta L: Our Lasting Friendship by Blackbird Designs
Roberta L Sweetheart Hill
Roberta L: Sweetheart Hill by Plum Street Samplers
Sharon Flowers For You
Sharon D: Flowers for You by Blackbird Designs
Sherri H Ida Mae Ira Crow
Sherri H: Ida Mae and Ira Ray Crow by The Goode Huswife
Sherry S Sewing Berry
Sherry S: Sewing Strawberry Pinkeep from Notforgotten Farm
Anna T 25th Block Party
Anna T: 25th Block Party by Hands On Designs
Anna T Olde World Roses
Anna T: Olde World Roses by From Nancy’s Needle
Anna T Valentine Love Gnome
Anna T: Valentine Love Gnome by FloRen Studio
Becky W Entwined Hearts
Becky W: Entwined Hearts by The Scarlett House
Beth E Red February Sassafras
Beth E: Red February by Sassafras Samplers
Debra B Art Of Petit Point
Debra B: Art of Petit Point on Silk Gauze with Natalia Frank
Debra B Grace and Love Birth Sampler
Debra B: Grace and Love Birth Sampler by Stoney Creek Collection
Debra B Three Needlebooks
Debra B: Three Needlebooks
Debra S Loose Rooster
Debra S: Loose Rooster by Lindy Stitches
Debra S Mary Amelias Bird
Debra S: Mary Amelia’s Bird by Quaint Rose Needleworks
Denise D M Wicked Night
Denise D: Wicked Night
MaryEllen B 1902 Paris Sampler Bag
MaryEllen B: 1902 Paris Sampler Bag from Stacy Nash
Debra S Frightful
Debra S: Frightful by Lizzie Kate
Trish S Village Hawk Run Hollow
Trish S: The Village at Hawk Run Hollow by Kathy Barrick
Debra S Easter Drum
Debra S: Easter Drum by Brenda Gervaise
Debra S A New Constellation
Debra A: A New Constellation from Plum Street Samplers
Karen H Beaded Scissor Fobs
Karen H: Beaded Scissor Fobs adapted from design by Pootie Beads
Karen H Santa Beaded Stocking
Karen H: Mini Beaded Santa Stocking by ThreadABead
Karen H Partridge Pear Tree
Karen H: A Partridge in a Pear Tree by Annie Beez Folk Art
Karen H Elf Beaded Stocking
Karen H: Mini Beaded Elf Stocking by ThreadABead
Karen H Crowning Glory
Karen H: Crowning Glory by Summer House Stitche Workes
Karen H Bristol Needlework Bag
Karen H: Bristol Needlework Bag and Accessories by Betsy Morgan/Willing Hands
Laurie B: Mon Petit Examplair Sewing Bag from Blackbird Designs
Laurie B Round Red Sampler
Laurie B: Heart in Hand Round Red Sampler
Anne B Pink Sparrow Sampler
Anne B: Pink Sparrow Sampler from With Thy Needle and Thread
Sylvia P H America
Sylvia P: This is America by Blackbird Designs
MaryEllen B Bacon Eggs Photobooth
MaryEllen B: Bacon and Eggs Photobooth by Bent Creek
MaryEllen B Black Throated Gray Warbler
MaryEllen B: Black Throated Gray Warbler by Lindy Stitches
MaryEllen B Blue Bird Cherry Tree
MaryEllen B: Blue Bird in a Cherry Tree by Kathy Barrick
Patricia B: Summer Saltbox 2 (adaptation) from Plum Street Samplers
Patricia B Anna Theis
Patricia B: Anna Theis 1859 by Permin of Copenhagen
Patricia B Spring
Patricia B: Spring by Samplers and Stitches
Patricia B Smith Sampler
Patricia B: Smith Sampler from The Scarlett House
Debra O Peters Day Out
Debra O: Peter’s Day Out by Lindy Stitches
Ava T Sweet Berry
Ava T: Sweetberry from Erica Michaels
Ava T Wine Is
Ava T: Wine is… by Homespun Elegance
Cyndi S Royal Holiday
Cyndi S: Royal Holiday from Mirabilia Designs
Barb R Winter Rose Manor
Barb R: Winter Rose Manor from With Thy Needle and Thread
Barb R Crowned Heart
Barb R: Crowned Heart from Kathy Barrick
Barb R Primitive Merry Christmas Pillow
Barb R: Primitive Merry Christmas Pillow from Abby Rose Designs
Debra B Heart And Home Patchwork
Debra B: Heart and Home Patchwork from Blackbird Designs
Debra B Anne Roberts
Debra B: Anne Roberts from Hands to Work
Shelly M Crowned Bird Accessories
Shelly M: Crowned Bird Accessories from Plum Street Samplers
Cynthia B Needle And Thread
Cynthia B: Needle and Thread from Brenda Gervais
Cynthia B Though He Seemeth Sleeping
Cynthia B: Though He Seemeth Sleeping from Lucy Beam
Cynthia B Spotted Pig
Cynthia B: Spotted Pig Pinkeep from Stacy Nash Designs
Cynthia B Easter Bunny Row
Cynthia B: Easter Bunny Row from Bent Creek
Codi M Their Song
Codi M: Their Song from Blackbird Designs
Codi M Mourning Dove Berry
Codi M: Mourning Dove Berry from Erica Michaels
Shelly M Louisa Coulimore
Shelly M: Louisa Coulimore from Hands Across the Sea Samplers
Lisa T Demonade
Lisa T: Demonade from The Witchy Stitcher
Lisa T Look For The Beauty
Lisa T: Look for the Beauty by Bent Creek
Lisa T Kits Wonderland Ukraine
Lisa T: Kits from Wonderland Ukraine
Mendie C: Zoe Box from Faby Reilly Designs
Mendie C Roger Rhino
Mendie C: Roger Rhino based on a design by Hazel Blomkamp
Sherri H Sampler Stitcher
Sheri H: Sampler Stitcher from Lucy Beam
Sherri H Thimble Case
Sherru H: Thimble Case from Noteworthy Needle

The next meeting of the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild will be held on Tuesday, June 7th, 2022 at 7:00pm Central Time.

As always, thank you for stopping by our little part of the internet and we look forward to seeing you again next month.

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  1. I’ve been checking your blog for what seems like weeks, hoping you would be posting soon, it’s doesn’t disappoint. So many lovely pieces of stitching and so much inspiration. Thank you to you and all the members.

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