Heartstring Samplery Workshop

Pins & Orts by Heartstring Samplery

On Saturday, May 4th, we had the pleasure of hosting Beth Twist from Heartstring Samplery to teach two pieces – her Pins & Orts pincushion and strawberry (pictured above) and a reproduction sampler by Mary Pearson.

40 HS Pins and Orts Workshop Kit edit
Pins and Orts Workshop Kit by Heartstring Samplery

The first part of the day was spent assembling the pre-stitched pincushion/ort container and strawberry.

41 Workshop Attendees edit
42 Workshop Attendees edit
43 Workshop Attendees edit
44 Beth Twist helping with the glue edit 2

Beth showing us how to attach the pincushion to the ort container.

45 Finished Projects edit

The finished product!

After a lunch break for Beth and the attendees, we reconvened so that Beth could teach the second half of the day.  She presented the Mary Pearson sampler, a reproduction of an antique sampler in the collection of a historical society.  They had reached out to Beth to have the antique reproduced so that they could display it as the original is in extremely bad condition.

849 edit
Mary Pearson Sampler by Heartstring Samplery

Look at all the beautiful colors used in the sampler!

852 edit

Beth shared what she knew of the history of the sampler as well as her journey and challenges with reproducing it.  Both the antique and the reproduction are in the care of the historical society, so Beth brought high resolution full color copies of both to share with us.

838 edit

This is the reproduction (apologies for the glare).  It’s a beautiful Adam & Eve sampler, with an idyllic pastoral scene at the bottom.  The border, vases of flowers, and a lovely verse make the sampler complete.

874 edit

A few closeups…

865 edit

Part of what made this such a challenge to chart is that Mary would sometimes move motifs off the “grid” by one thread.  The sampler has both over one and over two stitches.

846 edit

And take a look at that snake -he’s fantastic!

859 edit

Here’s a look at the antique.  You can see the shape it’s in and how the threads bled at some point when it was washed, thus the blue sheep.  But you can see the over one and over two stitching here.

844 edit

No more blue sheep!

879 edit

It was such a fun day, and not only did we get two amazing projects from Beth but she also brought a fantastic trunk show so we could admire and shop!

46 Trunk Show edit
47 Trunk Show edit
48 Trunk Show edit

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