Hello 2020!

Hi everyone! My name is Adam. I am doing the blog this year. I hope ya’ll enjoy it! I am a 20 year old from Burleson, Texas, I have been stitching 5 years, and I have been in the guild 5 years. The guild is what sparked my interest in stitching, so thank you all!

We said hello to 2020 in our January meeting by sharing our MAGIC finishes from 2019! The stitching was beautiful! Way to go everyone! Here’s to a lot of stitching and finishes in 2020!

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Mendie C Tussie Mussie by MbE Brazilian embroidery
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Cyndi S Peace by Erica Michaels Designs
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Mendie C Enchanted Jungle by Millefiore Brazilian Embroidery
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MaryEllen B Adam Names the Animals by Plum Street Samplers
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Debra B Common Ground by Just Nan
77D6BB77 CB41 43ED 9CF4 0618E1CA019D scaled e1608168580344
Mendie C 2019 TRSG ornament by Sherri H
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Michelle L Sampler Sisters by Primitive Needle
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Debra B. Adam Names the Animals by Plum Street Samplers

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