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After a break in July, we resumed our regular monthly meetings in August.  Instead of a structured program, we instead had our stash sale.  Members were encouraged to bring those items (fabric, threads, charts) that they are no longer feeling the love for as well as handmade items to sell.

And now on to show & tell!

IMG 0546 edit
Sherry S. – Tulip Time – Jeannette Douglas
IMG 0547 edit
Sherry S. – Winter Rose Manor – With Thy Needle and Thread
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Sherry S. – Gardener’s Cottage – Elizabeth’s Designs

Sherry made modifications to the cottage to make it resemble the house of a dear friend.

IMG 0548 edit
Mendie C. – Tea Service – Brazilian Embroidery
IMG 0549 edit
Mendie C. – Liliana’s Fan – Brazilian Embroidery
IMG 0550 edit
Mendie C. – Frilly Fan – Brazilian Embroidery
IMG 0551 edit
Mendie C. – Garden Party – Brazilian Embroidery
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Vicki N. – Mary Clayton – Hands Across the Sea
1471 edit
Vicki N. – HL Moth – Kathy Barrick
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Vicki N. – Early American Folk Sheep – Teresa Kogut
IMG 0552 edit

Sadly, I have no info on whose this is or what the design is.

IMG 0553 edit

Also don’t know whose piece this is but the design is Early Bird by Amy Bruecken Designs

IMG 0557 edit 1

Alas, another mystery piece.

IMG 0555 edit
Sherri H. – Ode to the Ort #2 – With Thy Needle & Thread
IMG 0556 edit
Sherri H. – Pincushion Box – Theresa’s Primitive Treasures
IMG 0558 edit
Sherri H. – Sewing Pocket – Tree of Life Samplings
IMG 0559 edit


IMG 0560 edit

Back of pocket

Nancy Day Edit
Sherri H. – Nancy Day Reproduction by Sherri herself!
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Karen H. – Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler by Lizzie Kate

And that’s it for August!  Our program in September will be an embroidered stocking taught by Mendie.

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