June Tudor Blooms

IMG 5070
Sherri H: Tudor Rose Biscornu by Heartstring Samplery

In June, members received another surprise in their mailboxes and were instructed not to open them until the meeting. After a short business meeting, members opened their surprise chart from Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery. Vicki N. stitched and finished the model.

2020 Biscotnu top
Sherri H: Tudor Rose Biscornu by Heartstring Samplery
IMG 5067
Sherri H: Tudor Rose Biscornu by Heartstring Samplery

Beth designed the Tudor Rose Biscornu for our guild’s 20th Anniversary celebration and as an added surprise, she joined our Zoom meeting.

11 Beth Twist

After the reveal and chat with Beth Twist, we shared our completed works for May in our Show and Tell time.

Vickie N ABC Spool
Vickie N: ABC Spool by Needlework Press
Holly L Pretty Pair 2
Holly L: Pretty Pair 2 by Samplers Remembered
Holly L Pretty Pair 1
Holly L: Pretty Pair 1 by Samplers Remembered
Vickie N Star Spangled Spectacular
Vickie N: Star Spangled Spectacular by With Thy Needle & Thread
Vickie N Frostys Night Out
Vickie N: Frosty’s Night Out by Blackbird Designs
Vickie N Americana
Vickie N: Americana by Needle Bling Designs
Valerie V Jean Morgan 1834
Valerie V: Jean Morgan 1834 by Needlework Press
Susan K Iskra
Susan K: Iskra Box by Jean Power
Patricia B Jane Plenderleath
Patricia B: Jane Plenderleath 1838 by Needlework Press
Mary B Summer Jubilee
Mary B: Summer Jubilee by Blackbird Designs
Mary B Mystery Sampler
Mary B: Mystery Sampler by Blackbird Designs
Lynette C Tudor Rose berry
Lynette C: Tudor Rose Berry by Erica Michaels
Lorri H May Health and Peace
Lori H: May Health and Peace Attend Your Days by Milady’s Needle

This was an exclusive SAL hosted by The Stitch Niche

Lisa T Scissor fobs
Lisa T: Scissor fobs by Fern Ridge Collections
Kristen E Gift from Kitten Stitcher
Kristen E: Gift from Kitten Stitcher by Marjorie Massey

Gifted chart from KittenStitcher

Krista G Sarah Spencer
Krista G: Sarah Spencer from Hands Across the Sea Samplers
Krista G Birds of a Feather
Krista G: Birds of a Feather by Blackbird Designs
Karen H Project Bag Set
Karen H: Project Bag Set
Karen H Give Thanks
Karen H: Give Thanks by Hands on Designs
Gretchen B Sarah Spencer Little Gem
Gretchen B: Sarah Spencer by Hands Across the Sea
Elizabeth S Pumpkin Patch
Elizabeth S: Pumpkin Patch by Mill Hill
Dianne S Nicodemus the Sock Monkey
Dianne S: Nicodemus the Sock Monkey by Raise the Roof Designs From the 2010 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue
Dianne S Ewe Be Well
Dianne S: Ewe Be Well by Shepherd’s Bush
Diane S Rainbow Mandala
Dianne S: Rainbow Mandala by Christine Designs
Debra B Part 3 Noah
Debra B: Part 3 “Noah” of Jenny Bean For the Parlor by Shakespeare’s Peddler
Debra B Lets Stay Home
Debra B: Let’s Stay Home by Claudia Cicero of Samplers Forever
Cyndi S Tudor Rose Berry
Cyndi S: TRSG Anniversary berry by Erica Michaels
Ann T Sweetheart Pin Cushion
Ann T: Sweetheart pin cushion by Blackbird Design
Cyndi S Mark Twain Sampler
Cyndi S: Mark Twain Sampler by The Sewing Lady
Christine H American Eagle
Christine H: American Eagle by Blackbird Designs
Beth H Bee Contained
Beth H: Bee Contained Etui by Betsy Morgan
Beth H Ann Maria Clarke
Beth H: Ann Maria Clarke by The Essamplaire
Ann T Lucy V Moore
Ann T: Lucy V Moore by Needlework Press
Cyndi S Candys Acorn
Cyndi S: Candy’s Acorn by Cindy Hambrick
Lori H Tudor Rose berry
Lori H: Tudor Rose Anniversary berry by Erica Michaels
Adam N Never Forget
Adam N: Never Forget, an original design
Codi M Christmas Box Etui
Codi M: Christmas Box Etui by Betsy Morgan
Codi M All Year Squared
Codi M: All Year Squared Box Etui by Betsy Morgan
Susen K Peacock Pearl
Susen K: Peacock Pearl Box by Jean Power
Susan K Quadrat
Susan K: Quadrat Box by Jean Power
Sheri H Let My Expamples Shine
Sherri H: Let My Examples Shine needle roll by Chessie and Me
Sheri H Let My Examples Shine 2
Sherri H: the inside of Let My Examples Shine by Chessie and Me

Typically, we don’t have a meeting in July but since we’re meeting virtually right now members voted to have a July meeting.  In July, we’ll be sharing our Be Well and Stitch exchanges as well as learning how to finish our Tudor Rose strawberry we received as our May surprise.

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