Marching On

Pins & Orts by Heartstring Samplery

Hello, March!  Our March meeting was a general stitch-in where everyone could work on whatever their heart desired.  For those that will be taking the Orts & Pins workshop from Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery in May, our Workshop Chair passed out the kits for the pre-stitching.  It’s a sweet little piece, don’t you think?

On to show & tell!

11 Ann Carbutt edit
Robert H. – Ann Carbutt 1830 – Scarlet Letter
11 A Ann Carbutt edit

Closeups of some of the specialty stitches – four-sided stitch, satin stitch, Algerian eyelets, and more.

11 B Ann Carbutt edit
12 Quaker Needleroll edit
Shelly M. – Quaker Purse/Needleroll/Scissor Fob – Milady’s Needle

This is one of Betty H.’s last finishes

12 A Quaker Needleroll edit


12 B Quaker Needleroll edit


13 Springs Arrival edit
Michelle L. – Spring’s Arrival Stocking – Blackbird Designs
14 A Time to Sew edit
Cyndi S. – A Time to Sew – Margaret & Margaret

Check out the scale with the ruler.

15 Nativity Joseph edit
Sharon D. – Nativity Joseph – Rebecca Wood Needlepoint
16 Mermaid Bag edit
Sharon D. – Mermaid Bag and Scissor Fob – Willing Hands Designs
17 Antique Needlebook and Fob edit
Sharon D. – Antique Needle Book and Fob – Betty Howe
17 A Antique Needlebook and Fob edit


17 B Antique Needlebook and Fob edit


18 Rabbits Round Pincushion edit
Valorie R. – The Rabbit’s Round Pincushion and Needlebook – Patrick’s Woods
18 A Rabbits Round Pincushion edit


19 For a Friend edit
Valorie R. – For a Friend – Shepherd’s Bush
20 April Sewing Lady Tin Topper edit
Valorie R. – April Sewing Lady Tin Topper – Needle’s Content
21 In my Garden Scissor Fob edit
Valorie R. – In My Garden Scissor Fob – Shepherd’s Bush
21 A In my Garden Scissor Fob edit


22 Wool Strawberry edit
Valorie R. – Wool Strawberry – Connie Litfin of the Dallas Needlework & Textiles Guild
23 A Crowned Bird Strawberry edit
Valorie R. – A Crowned Bird Strawberry – Plum Street Samplers

2013 TRSG Workshop

24 Mary Clayton edit
Vicki N. – Mary Clayton – Hands Across the Sea
25 Molly edit
Regina M. – Molly – Carriage House Samplings
26 Eat Crow edit
Regina M. – Eat Crow – Plum Street Samplers
27 Pledge Allegiance edit
Judy M. – Pledge Allegiance – Threads that Bind – Punchneedle

As always, our members have some amazing pieces to share!  Our program for April is a spiral rope beaded lanyard that we can use for our nametags.

Happy stitching!

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