Mrs. Peacock – in the Library – with the Candlestick. . .

What a phenomenal success the Tudor Rose 10th Anniversary Sampler Workshop with Amy Mitten, Fibers to Dye For, turned out to be on March 6th & 7th!! None of us knew quite what to expect before arriving, but Amy presented the workshop as a “murder mystery” in 10 installments, introducing a new section of the sampler with each new story tidbit. We enjoyed a wonderful 2 days as we soaked up Amy’s creativity and artistry. As you can see from the pictures, everyone worked diligently on his/her sampler. . .

Day One getting started
Amy Mitten Workshop
Day Two
Amy Mitten Workshop

At the end of the 10th installment, Amy provided a sealed envelope in each participant’s folder, revealing the identity of the needleworking criminal. What fun!!

Amy Mitten Workshop 025
Amy Mitten – Ten

The sampler is beautiful, and incorporates many specialty stitches, along with some 3-D surface stitching to be attached to the sampler separately. For those who participated in the workshop, I took some incredibly close-up pictures that may help you as you work on your project. If you need to see some of these photos, contact me by email or leave a comment.

Amy Mitten Workshop 026
Amy Mitten – Ten
Amy Mitten Workshop 027
Amy Mitten – Ten
Amy Mitten Workshop 028
Amy Mitten – Ten

We all had such a great time and enjoyed everything about the workshop. . .we hope you will come back to Texas, Amy. Thank you!!

Amys Work 3.6
Amy Mitten Workshop

Amy’s other designs may be seen above, or at one of these websites: Traditional Stitches; Wyndham Needleworks. . .

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  1. wow, it is stunning – GREAT pics Barbie – you are doing a fabulous job. Yes, I would like to get the close ups of the sampler. Mine has not come yet, but I cannot wait. Oh, this makes me miss the guild so much. Who got so much of the rose done?

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