Red Stitching for the Month of Love

Welcome to the February 2022 blog post of the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild! There was a lot of ‘red stitching’ by our members last month in preparation for Valentine’s Day. But according to some people, you should always be working on a red sampler! We hope you enjoy some fabulous stitching finishes from the members of our guild.

Gretchen B 1888 GVS
Gretchen B: 1888 GVS Sampler from Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly Vol. 13
Laurie B Only Love Matters
Laurie B: Only Love Matters
Laurie B Valentine Freebees
Laurie B: Valentine Freebie Pincushions
MaryEllen B Ruth Gibb
MaryEllen B: Ruth Gibb 1882 from Hands Across the Seas Samplers
Laurie B Ruth Gibb
Laurie B: Ruth Gibb 1882 from Hands Across the Sea Samplers
Laurie B February Wordplay
Laurie B: February Wordplay from With They Needle & Thread
Laurie B Red Sampler Buttons
Laurie B: Sampler Buttons
Laurie B Magic Buttons
Laurie B: Magic Buttons
Laurie B Harriet Gobey 1849
Laurie B: Harriet Gobey 1849 from Hands Across the Sea Samplers
Karen H Plump Strawberry
Karen H: Plump Strawberry designed by Bobbi N
Cyndi S Plump Strawberry
Cyndi S: Plump Strawberry Scissor Case by Bobbie N
Karen H Bluebonnet Banner
Karen H: Bluebonnet Banner designed by Sharon D
Jasmine C Elisabeth Cooper Jesus Wept
Jasmine C: Elisabeth Cooper Jesus Wept by Sassafras Samplers
Gretchen B Mary Harry 1808
Gretchen B: Mary Harry 1808 from Modern Folk Embroidery
Dianne S Kitty Cups
Dianne S: Kitty Cups by Margaret Sherry
Dianne S Dahlia
Dianne S: Dahlia from Royal School of Needlework/Kate Barlow
Debra S New Year Notes
Debra S: New Year Notes from Shepherds Bush
Debra S Let It Snow
Debra S: Let It Snow from Whilst Iris Naps
Debra S Elizabeth Eyles
Debra S: Elizabeth Eyles from The Scarlet Letter
Debra S: The Cookie Exchange from Hands On Design
Deborah O Jane Elizabeth Milner
Deborah O: Jane Elizabeth Milner 1876 from Hands Across the Sea Samplers
Cyndi S Mute But Not Silent
Cyndi S: Mute But Not Silent from Amy Mitten Designs
Cyndi S A Happy Life
Cyndi S: A Happy Life from La-D-Da Designs
Cyndi S Annie Morris
Cyndi S: Annie Morris from Hands Across the Sea Samplers
Codi M Summer Jubilee
Codi M: Summer Jubilee from Blackbird Designs
Codi M Stitch Niche 2021 Berry
Codi M: Stitch Niche 2021 Holiday Strawberry
Codi M Rose Pin Cushion
Codi M: Samplers Not Forgotten Rose Pin Cushion
Codi M Floral Heart
Codi M: Samplers Not Forgotten Floral Heart
Christina C Stellers Jay
Christina C: Steller’s Jay by Lindy Stitches – January release from The Bird Crush Club
Christina C January Block Nature Diary
Christina C: January Block from Nature Diary Series by Zoe Patching
Annie B Houses Of Hawk Run Hollow
Annie B: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings
AnnaT Hippity Hoppity
Anna T: Hippity Hoppity from Mill Hill Spring Series V
Anna T Dance In The Rain
Anna T: Dance in the Rain from Lizzie Kate
Anna T Curiosity
Anna T: Curiosity by Serendipity Designs
Valerie V 2008 Part 3 Mystery Sampler
Valerie V: Blackbird Designs Part 3 of the Mystery Sampler
Valerie V Part 4 Blackbird Designs Mystery
Valerie V: Blackbird Designs Part 4 from the Mystery Sampler
Sylvia P Winter Cardinal
Sylvia P: Winter Cardinal Etching designed by Cecelia Turner
Sylvia P Quaker Christmas Bulb
Sylvia P: Quaker Christmas Bulb designed by The Workbasket
Shelly M Lucky Berry
Shelly M: Lucky Berry from Erica Michaels
Roberta L Sugar Spice
Robert L: Sugar & Spice 2021 release from Brenda Gervais
Roberta L Give Thanks
Roberta L: Give Thanks from Brenda Gervais
Patricia B WTNT Winter Pincushions
Patricia B: With Thy Needle & Thread Winter Pincushions
Patricia B Drawn Thread Sampler Stitches Pincushions
Patricia B: The Drawn Thread / Samplers and Stitches Pincushions
MaryEllen B Rose Giant Pear
MaryEllen B: The Rose and Giant Pear from Hands Across the Sea Samplers
MaryEllen B PhotoBooths Old New Love Happens
MaryEllen B: Bent Creek Photobooths The Old and The New Love Happens

The next meeting of the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild will be held on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 7:00pm Central Time.

As always, thank you for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you again next month.

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