September Samplings

In the stitching world, September has become known has Sampler September, which is something that most of us needle workers look forward to each year. It is a time where we can go through our collection of charts and pick a couple of projects to work on for the month or pick up something that we have not worked on in awhile and focus on it for the month. Either way it is a time when all needle workers can come together and enjoy our love for stitching.

Speaking of stitching, there were a lot of fun projects completed by the members of the guild and were presented during our Show and Tell.

Lisa T My Stitching Time
Lisa T: My Stitching Time by Waxing Moon Designs
Lisa T Watermelon Tourmaline
Lisa T: Watermelon Tourmaline by Shannon Christine Designs
Mary B Ann Morison
Mary B: Ann Morison by Hands Across the Sea
MaryEllen B Signs Of The Season
MaryEllen B: Signs of the Season by Hands On Design
MaryEllen B Strawberry Bird
MaryEllen B: Strawberry Bird by The Blue Flower
MaryEllen B Three Peacocks
MaryEllen B: Three Peacocks by Heartstring Samplery
MaryEllen B Various Strawberries
MaryEllen B: Various Strawberries by Erica Michaels
Mendie C Gardening
Mendie C: Gardening by JDR
Mendie C Wild Flowers Along The Road
Mendie C: Wild Flowers Along The Road by Tana Mueller
Patricia B Jack O Lantern Jubilee
Patricia B: Jack O Lantern Jubilee by With Thy Needle & Thread
Patricia B Smith Sampler
Patricia B: Smith Sampler by The Scarlett House
Patricia B Welcome Harvest
Patricia B: Welcome Harvest by Rovaris
Sharon H: Beatrix Potter Sampler by Cobweb Designs
Sharon H Summer Quakers
Sharon H: Summer Quakers by Rosewood Manor
Shelly M Flory Morement
Shelly M: Flory Morement by Whilst Iris Naps
Shelly M Petite Red Letters
Shelly M: Petite Red Letters by Blackbird Designs
Sherri H A Ladys Sewing Roll
Sherri H: A Lady’s Sewing Roll by Catherine Theron
Sherri H Knight Life
Sherri H: Knight Life, a 2013 class piece by Marnie Ritter
Suzanne C Early Americans
Suzanne C: Early Americans by Little House Needleworks
Sylvia P The Winter Is Past
Sylvia P: The Winter is Past by Blackbird Designs
Ava T Happy Birthday America
Ava T: Happy Birthday America by Brenda Gervais
Ava T Helen Murray Pincushion
Ava T: Helen Murray Pincushion by Needlemade Designs
Ava T Home Is Best
Ava T: Home is Best by Five Times Blessed
Ava T: Summer School Box by The Scarlett House
Becky W Bless Our Land
Becky W: Bless Our Land by Plum Street Samplers
Becky W Elizabeth Easton 1780
Becky W: Elizabeth Easton 1780 by The Goode Huswife
Becky W Miss Bingleys Library
Becky W: Miss Bingley’s Library by Plum Street Samplers
Becky W Something Wicked
Becky W: Something Wicked by La-D-Da
Becky W White Pumpkin Farm
Becky W: White Pumpkin Farm by Plum Street Samplers
Christine H And Be Kind To One Another
Christine H: And Be Kind to One Another from Needlework Press
Christine H Come Into My Garden
Christine H: Come into My Garden from Blackbird Designs
Christine H Feast Of Friendship
Christine H: Feast of Friendship from Blackbird Designs
Christine H Heritage Sampler
Christine H: Heritage Sampler from Plum Street Samplers
Christine R Cooking Snowman
Christine R: Cooking Snowman (2021 Snow Fun – Charmed Ornaments) by Mill Hill
Christine R Variations On A Holly Berry
Christine R: Variations on a Holly Berry by Christine R
Deborah O Summer Fling
Deborah O: Summer Fling by Heart in Hand
Debra S Funky Menagerie
Debra S: Funky Menagerie by Lindy Stitches
Debra S Honeybees Blooms Pinwheel
Debra S: Honeybees and Blooms Pinwheel by Honeycomb and Threads & and Bee Drawers by Oliver and Chesney Needleworks
Debra S Tomayto Tomahto
Debra S: Tomayto Tomahto by Hands on Design
Bretchen B: Zoe Box by Faby Reilly Designs
Lisa T Anniversary Design
Lisa T: Anniversary design by VladaXstitch

We hope you were inspired with all the projects that our members have completed this month.

The next monthly meeting of the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild will be held on Tuesday, October at 7:00 pm CST. If you are not a member and would like to attend our virtual meeting, please fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form and we will send you the link to our next meeting.

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