Spring Stitching

spiral rope beaded lanyard

Our April program was this spiral rope beaded lanyard.  Members were able to choose from a couple different colorways for their kit and Carrie passed out instructions on how to create these beautiful lanyards.  These beaded lanyards are perfect for using with your nametag.

Now, on to show & tell!

28 Gemini edit
Doris M. – Gemini – Satsuma Street
29 Snotty Parrot edit
Doris M. – Snooty Parrots Sampler – Barbara Ana Designs
30 Crowned Bird edit
Sherri H. – A Crowned Bird Sampler – Plum Street Samplers

2013 TRSG Workshop

30 A Crowned Bird Edit 1

Closeup of the crowned bird

31 Fairies In My Garden edit
Mendie C. – Fairies In My Garden – Peggy D.M.

Brazilian Embroidery Seminar Class

32 Fan edit
Mendie C. – Fan – Liliana – Brazilian Embroidery
33 Christmas Drawers edit
Shelly M. – Christmas Drawers – Shepherd’s Bush

Hog River Frame and framed by Steve at The Stitch Niche

34 Bittersweet Gathering edit
Shelly M. – Bittersweet Gathering Pin Drum – Scattered Seed Designs

Finished by Faye Riggsbee

34 A Bittersweet Gathering edit
34 B Bittersweet Gathering edit

Love the squirrels!

35 TRSG Pins and Orts edit
Laurie B. – Pins and Orts – Heartstring Samplery

2019 TRSG Workshop

36 Pins and Orts Strawberry edit
Laurie B. – Pins and Orts – Heartstring Samplery

2019 TRSG Workshop

37 Stitching House edit
Michelle L. – Stitching House – The Goode Huswife
38 Green Santa edit
Michelle L. – Green Santa – Birds of a Feather
39 Surf and Sand edit
Debbie G. – Surf & Sand – Northern Pine Designs


We have our workshop with Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery coming up the first weekend in May and next month’s program is an edge finishing technique by Vicki.

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