The Start of a New Year

Well, here we are in 2010, with a brand new year ahead of us to stitch, stitch, stitch. . .

Perpetually Eng Diary pic1

The January meeting was held on Tuesday, January 5th, and what a beginning it was. Ava started us off as the 2010 guild president, and although she has big shoes to fill in Sylvia’s absence, she promises to be more than up to the task! The first guild meeting of the year saw the culmination of the 2009 MAGIC program – My Annual Good Intentions Contract. Quite a few members had “reveals” of completed or partially completed projects, as you can see from the pictures below, but even those members who were unable to finish a project received a little prize for participating and bringing projects in to the meeting. In the coming year, each member will have the opportunity to set his/her own goals for the 2010 MAGIC program by signing a contract listing up to 5 projects targeted for completion throughout the year. For each completed project or goal, the member will be rewarded by having his/her name entered into the the end-of-year drawing for a one year free membership in 2011.

Take a look at our 2009 MAGIC projects:

Robert cropped1
Robert – A Dutch Beauty by Permin of Copenhagen
Robert cropped2
Robert – A Dutch Beauty by Permin of Copenhagen
Susan cropped1
Susan – Martha Edlin Sampler by The Essamplaire
Susan cropped2
Susan – Martha Edlin Sampler by The Essamplaire
Mendie cropped1
Mendie – Jeanette Douglas Treasures Accessories:

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