The Tudor Swan

Tudor Swan by The Blue Flower

Adam’s job responsibilities prevent him from attending meetings and gathering information to add to this blog, so Debra B. – TRSG’s Secretary – will post for the Guild.

The March meeting was held in the McRae building on the Arlington Memorial Hospital campus. Jeannine McGowan of The Blue Flower gifted members with the Tudor Swan chart, designed especially for our guild, and the guild gifted members with the thread pack as a part of our 20th Anniversary celebration.

Tudor Swan 03 2020 rotated
Tudor Swan by The Blue Flower and Thread Pack for 20th Anniversary Gift to Guild

Members shared their completed works during show & tell.

Christine H 3 3 2020 rotated e1600719929208
Christine H’s Union Forever by Maggie Bonanomi and Easter Peep by With Thy Needle & Thread
Susan D 3 3 2020 rotated e1601049458811
Susan D’s Needlepoint Santa, Noel, and a small hardanger table cover
Valorie R 3 3 2020
Valorie R needle case, waxer and Bee Hive by Betsy Morgan, beaded scissor fob, wool work piece, and scissor case by Cindy H.
Loretta S 3 3 2020 rotated e1600720087455
Loretta S’s The Pastoral by Drawn Thread
Jeremy L 3 3 2020 rotated e1600720207903
Jeremy L’s Christmas Krampus by The Primitive Hare
Codi M 3 3 2020
Codi M Christmas Needlebook by Betsy Morgan
Lynette C 3 3 2020
Lynette C Tudor Bee by The Blue Flower and Christmas Needlebook by Betsy Morgan
Kristen E 3 3 2020
Kristen E’s Basket o’ Shamrocks by Pineberry Lane
Judy M 3 3 2020
Judy M: Betsy Morgan Bee, Toy Chest, and Christmas Etui items along with bookmark by Linda C, and a round pin keep by Valerie R.
Cyndi S 3 3 2020
Cyndi S: Tudor Bee by The Blue Flower

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