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Bee Skep Thread Palette by Ann C. Steinbach

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Micheal Elizabeth Feller The Needlework Collection 1

Gloria M. announced the forthcoming book by Michéal & Elizabeth Feller, The Needlework Collection:1. Kathy M. will be getting copies at the Stitch Niche, so contact her if you want one; they will be available at a significant discount to members. (Note: the books are no longer available through Kathy M. at the Stitch Niche.)

With Needle and Brush Schoolgirl Embroidery from the Connecticut River Valley

The Florence Griswold Museum is presenting an exhibition, With Needle and Brush: Schoolgirl Embroidery from the Connecticut River Valley. It is an insightful, illustrated history of schoolgirl needlework. With Needle and Brush contributes to the understanding of the traditions of needlework and provides insight into the nature of women’s schooling before the advent of widespread public education. The exhibition of approximately seventy embroideries, watercolor sketches, and portraits will draw extensively on works from private collections, many never before shown publicly.

T.228-1994 Margaret Laton`s Jacket; linen embroidered with silver & silver-gilt thread, coloured silks, sequins, bobbin lace & spangles or sequins; English; c.1610, altered c.1620.

Marie Z. presented the program entitled “Jacket Tour: 17th Century Needlework – Jackets, Caps, Gloves, Caskets”. In the fall of 2010, she took part in a two-week “Jacket Tour” organized by Tricia Wilson Nguyen (owner of Thistle Threads and one of the lead needleworkers on the Plimoth Plantation jacket project), Susan Albury (owner of Hanging By a Thread-the UK connection) and Virgin Vacations. There were two parts to the tour, England and Scotland, and the group saw many pieces of 17th Century needlework that are rarely, if ever, seen by the public. This program focused on the pieces they saw in England, including pieces at the Museum of London, Victoria & Albert Museum, the Royal School of Needlework, Maidstone Museum, and Costume Museum at Bath. Many of the pieces they saw, although over 400 years old, are in good condition, however many of the blackwork pieces are turning to dust due to the mordants used to set the black dyes. They saw a number of lovely caskets, most of which were behind glass which prevented good photographs. One of their activities was a scavenger hunt at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Tricia had taken some closeups of 12 textile items and each team had to identify the item and record the accession number. They traveled from one end of the museum to the other in their pursuit, and their knowledge of needlework did help them to find some of the items by identifying the technique shown. Marie shared photos of many of the exquisite pieces they had the privilege of seeing.

Show & Tell:

June 2011 mtg 184
Barbie D. – Love Letters from Joyeux Noel by Blackbird Designs
Debbie G. 6.11
Debbie G. – Sew Sew by iStitch; The Sampler Guild by iStitch; Sampler Rouge – unknown; Summer Breeze by Laura J. Perin; Autumn Haze by Laura J. Perin; Winter Winds by Laura J. Perin
Robert H. Frances Eden by Handwork Samplers
Robert 6.11
Robert H. – Frances Eden by Handwork Samplers
Betty H. 6.11 b
Betty H. – This I Have Done by Dover Publications; Sarah Ramey’s Cross Stitch by Maggie Bonanomi; True Love Sampler Bag by Stacy Nash
Susan K 6.11
Susan K. – Colonial Sewing Set by Merry Cox; Thistlewood by Merry Cox; French Bon Bon Box by Merry Cox; Bloom Where You are Planted by Birds of a Feather
June 2011 mtg 144
Kim L. – Happy Birthday by Blackbird Designs
Lynn M. 6.11a
Lynn M. – Flame & Queen Etui by Tricia Wilson Nguyen; Band Sampler Etui by Tricia Wilson Nguyen
Lynn M. 6.11 b
Lynn M. – Long May She Wave by With My Needle; Liberty by Fancy Work/Jane Timmers
June 2011 mtg 129
Gloria M. – Folk Art Sewing Box (kit w/Liberty Hill box) by Hillside Samplings
Jennifer M 6.11
Jennifer M. – Flame Stitch Huswif by Sampler Cove
Jean N. 6.11
Jean N. – Halloween House by Cricket Collection; Liberty by Fancy Work/Jane Timmers
June 2011 mtg 138
Ava T. – Handwork Necessaires by Homespun Elegance
Ann W. 6.11
Ann W. – French Bon Bon Box by Merry Cox;
Marie Z. 6.11
Marie Z. – Lydia C. Eichelberger by Carriage House Samplings; Two Pinkeeps by The Goode Huswife; Pastel Basket Sampler by Ewe & Eye & Friends

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