2023 Workshops

Sampler Stories Huswif by Cissy Bailey Smith

Sampler Stories Huswife Outside
Outside of the Sampler Stories Huswif
Sampler Stories Huswife Inside
Inside of the Sampler Stories Huswif

Cissy Bailey Smith of Gentle Pursuit Designs will be returning to Tudor Rose to teach her beautiful Sampler Stories Huswif in a one-day workshop via Zoom.

Class date is: August 19, 2023 from 10 am – 1 pm Central Daylight Time. Registration opens on April 17, 2023 and closes on April 30, 2023. The cost of the kit is $99. There will be an additional fee due in July that will include each participant’s portion of the teaching fee and shipping for the kits.

Sampler Stories Huswife Closed
Sampler Stories Huswif closed

Class description: A self lined Huswif with motifs taken from 2 antique samplers. For intermediate stitchers. The Finished Huswif is 8 inches wide and 4 inches high and is self lined. Cissy borrowed motifs from her Scottish samplers for one side and her English samplers for the other side of the Huswif. The primary samplers that she took the motifs from were made by Christian Mitchel of Scotland and Margaret Hughes of England, and she has included a bit of her research about the girls in the instruction packet.

2022 Workshops

Button Etui and Scissors Fob by Denise Harrington Pratt

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Button Etui open flat, exterior view, Color Option 1, Steel Waterlilies on Platinum Cashel, with antique mother of pearl buttons

We are pleased to welcome needlework designer and teacher, Denise Harrington Pratt, of Amaryllis Artworks, for a two day finishing workshop conducted via Zoom. This beautiful etui and fob has nine color options from which to select.

Class dates are: September 17, 2022 and September 24, 2022 from 9 am – 4 pm Central Standard Time. Registration opens on May 3, 2022 and closes on May 20, 2022. There is a limit of 24 students. You can secure your place in the class by ordering your supplies here. The cost of the kit is $107 (includes all materials for etui and fob, plus shipping) or $118 (all materials for etui and fob, plus shipping, plus a roll of Cross Stitch Finishing Tape). There will be an additional teaching fee that is shared among the class participants due prior to the first class in September. (This fee will be calculated by dividing the teaching fee by number of class participants; the specific amount will be communicated to registrants as soon as registration closes.)

Class description: The constructed etui has been designed to hold necessary stitching supplies. It opens to reveal a needle page and a scissors keeper. The edges of the book act as a pinkeep. Buttons of the students choice are an integral part of the design areas. Buttons from the button jar, antique buttons, or purchased buttons may be used. The majority of the stitching is cross stitch over two. Additional stitches used are: cross stitch over one, reverse chain, and lacing the chain. One specialty stitch is also used in the design and students get to choose small pillow stitch, multiple rice, or Algerian eyelet.

This class is designed to teach students finishing techniques. Students will do all the stitching for both the Button Etui and the Button Fob before class. Class time will be dedicated to constructing the etui and the fob, including mounting the stitched components, attaching the magnetic clasps, attaching the hinge, putting it all together, and finishing the ribbon edges.

Students that come to class prepared should leave the second day class with the fob completed and an almost completed etui.

Dimensions: Closed, the etui is approximately 5″ long x 21/4″ wide x 11/4″ high. The fob is 21/8″ long by 11/4″ wide, not counting the cord and lobster claw hanger. Laid flat, the etui is approximately 6″ across not counting the tabs.

Included in the Kit: Linen for both the etui and fob, wool felt, cotton batting, one skein Waterlilies, one skein DMC floss, ribbon, Dritz long pearlized pins for etui, Dritz petite pearlized pins for the fob, Dritz heavy-duty template plastic, needles, tiny buttons, 2 donut magnets, 1 disc magnet, Fray-Stop, clamping pads, small piece of interfacing, lobster clasp with cording for fob, Button Etui instructions–39 pages, Button Fob instructions–14 pages. All photos are in color.

What students need to supply: Pencil, fabric scissors, craft knife, straight edge (preferably metal), cutting surface, craft scissors, glue stick, pinking shears (optional), Stitchery Tape or Cross Stitch Finishing Tape, Aleene’s Tacky Glue, 2 pieces of craft wood approximately 3″ x 7″ (for clamping), 2 Quik-Grip trigger style clamps, and white hand quilting thread. Students may also wish to put their instruction pages into sheet protectors and a binder.

2021 Workshops

TRSG Zoe Box Virtual Workshop

Zoe Box

TRSG is offering a Virtual Workshop featuring the Zoe Box at The Zoe Box is a 4 sided box with lid stitched in a seasons of the year motifs. It uses DMC floss with 1 specialty thread on 32-count linen. There are 4 specialty stitches, and the chart explains each in detail.

Participants will purchase their own chart and supplies and meet online via Zoom on Thursdays from 7:00 to 9:00 PM Central Time beginning June 10. We want to meet in September or October to assemble the box together.

Everyone is welcome to join the Workshop Thursday Stitch-Along.

If you are interested in joining the Virtual Workshop group Stitch-Along, please contact Debra B at the address in the email sent to members. Details for ordering the supplies and links to the Zoom meeting will follow by return emails.

This is also a part of our Outreach Program, so if you have a friend that would like to join us, they do not have to join TRSG, Debra just needs their email address to send the weekly Zoom links.

Please go to  to order your Zoe Box chart.  The site is in England and will convert your credit card purchase from pounds to dollars. Current rates make the chart around $11.00. The chart is a pdf that you can download immediately.  The pattern is 33 pages of charts, stitching and assembly instructions.

This is a fun project – we hope you’ll join us!

Amy Mitten Zoom Workshop

Mute But Not Silent

Registration is Now Closed

Mute But Not Silent

We are proud to have one of our favorite teachers/designers, Amy Mitten, do a workshop for us to be held via Zoom on September 18, 2021 starting at 10:00 am US Central Time.

Cost of the workshop is $160 which includes your kit plus postage.  Amy’s kits are assembled with color photographs, charts, detailed stitch instructions, linen, “Fibers To Dye For” hand dyed silk threads, and a needle.  The teaching fee is being paid by the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild.

Mute But Not Silent is a 17th century-style sampler with a mystery story. Each chapter of the story coincides with the historically symbolic motifs of the sampler. Clues, hidden within both the sampler and the story, will be revealed during the workshop in order to discover the solution to the mystery.

The year is 1790.  A Captain returns home after a long journey at sea to discover his wife and young son are gone. Can he possibly unravel the mystery of their disappearance from the motifs and symbolism stitched in a young girl’s sampler?

Finished Size: 12” x 18”

Fabric: 32 count Lambswool Linen

There will be an autopsy of several types of sampler stitches and some wonderful hemstitching. This is a premeditated murder so some plotting and pre-class preparation is required. (Basting and mounting to scroll bars.)

Past Workshops

Nicola Parkman from Hands Across the Sea

Special Lecture and Workshop


Tudor Rose Sampler Guild had hoped to host a very special event for the TRSG members by inviting Nicola Parkman of Hands Across the Sea Samplers to present a special project as a part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations. However, with COVID being a major spoiler for the year 2020, Nicola was unable to come to the U.S. for the special event.

Nicola Sampler

Betsy Morgan’s Christmas Etui

Saturday, February 29, 2020 and Sunday, March 1, 2020