March 2024 Show & Tell

Here are some stitched pieces shared so far this year.

Barbara M strawberry
Stitched by Barbara M., “A Strawberry for Emily”, design by Rose M Kotnik Tomorrow’s Antiques.
Barbara M Virgin Queens Stitching Wallet pre silk
Stitched by Barbara M., Virgin Queen’s Stitching Wallet by Betsy Morgan Willing Hands.

Barbara wrote: “Hurrah! I finished the stitching. I have all the linen wrapped around the skirtex. I have the silk ready to go. The wallet is so pretty, I just can’t believe it!”

Gwin G sashiko
Stitched by Gwin G., Origami Crane sashiko sampler, by QH Textiles.

Gwin wrote: “My first finish of 2024 (not even ironed yet!). I started sashiko stitching during the pandemic because it’s very soothing and zen-like, due to the repetition of the running stitch. Traditionally, these squares are used as dish cloths.”

Marie Z Stacy Nash Spring Sewing Bag
Stitched by Marie Z., Spring Sewing Bag by Stacy Nash. Bag made from wool and lined with cotton fabric.
Marie Z In the Garden Miladys Needle
Stitched by Marie Z., In the Garden, design by Milady’s Needle. Painted paper mache box with a tiny Adam and Eve sampler mounted on it.
Roberta L HL Moth
Stitched by Roberta L., HL’s Moth, design by Kathy Barrick. Called for NPI silks on 40 ct. linen.
Robin H pear
Stitched by Robin H., Bristol Sampler Pear, design by Threadwork Primitives.

Robin wrote: “Finished 2024 Blessing Sampler. Stitched on 32 CT Old Linen Blend and used Classic Colorworks Cherry Cobbler.”

AnnRathmell 3
Stitched by Barbara D., Ann Rathmell by Hands Across The Sea.

Barbara wrote “My 2024 Blessings Sampler. This was stitched 1/1 on 32 count Bees Knees (Seraphim linen). Mostly stash floss colors . 3 1/2” x 4 1/2” finished.”

Barbara wrote: “Hurrah! I finished it before March. Kim Beamish did not design anything for the back of the biscornu. I found a design of a pot of coal in a Graphworks Ltd leaflet from 1984 Mini Motif Designs. I changed it to a pot of gold and had a design for the back of the biscornu.”

Ellen C BeattieRed sampler
Stitched by Ellen C., Margaret Beattie by Hands Across the Sea.

Ellen wrote “This was my 2024 Blessing Sampler.”

Ellen C HartlandRed sampler
Stitched by Ellen C., Hariet Hartland by Hands Across the Sea.
Beth E Schlitcher sampler
Stitched by Beth E., Susan Schlichter 1845 by Queenstown Sampler Design (a MAGIC finish for Beth)
Shelly M TheresiaMoisl sampler
Stitched by Shelly M., Theresia Moisl, design by Kitten Stitcher; 46 count crème brûlée Tabbycat linen; 100/3 silks.
Beth E EarthSpiral
Stitched by Beth E., Earth Spiral, design by Terri Bay (a MAGIC finish for Beth)
Shelly P Feb2024
Stitched by Shelly P., original composition on 38-ct Legacy linen in Vermeer Blue with silk floss
Lisa T Kind
Stitched by Lisa T., ‘Let’s Be Kind’, design by Modern Folk Embroidery
Lisa T posy
Stitched by Lisa T., ‘Peaceful Posy Wreath’ by Robin Pickens on 32 ct opalescent
Laurie B StPat smalls
Stitched by Laurie B.: Shamrocks & Hearts pincushion by Calico Confectionery, Lucky O’ Green by Not forgotten Farms, and Little Shamrocks by Pineberry Lane
Mary M Three Kings cropped
Stitched by Mary M., Three Kings by Imagination, 40 ct. Dames of Needle’s Honey Whiskey
Mary M Gift of the Season BlackBird
Stitched by Mary M., Gift of the Season by Blackbird Design, 36 ct. PTP Vellum
Debra S 100ways
Stitched by Debra S., A Hundred Ways by Plum Street Samplers
Cyndi S PatrioticSpool
Stitched by Cyndi S., Patriotic Spools by Quaint Rose Designs, 40 ct mystery linen, cotton threads
Cyndi S TriFold 1
Stitched by Cyndi S.,Tri-Fold Sewing Case by Catherine Theron, class piece, 32 ct linen, silk threads
Cyndi S TriFold 2
Tri-Fold Sewing Case, outside
Cyndi S TriFold 3
Tri-Fold Sewing Case, inside
Cyndi S PrimitiveBird
Stitched by Cyndi S., Primitive Bird-purple burlap with yarn, stitched when I was 6 yr old in school
Cyndi S RoseGiantPear
Stitched by Cyndi S., Rose and the Giant Pear by HATS, 40 ct silk gauze with Anchor cotton thread
Cyndi S BristolRed
Stitched by Cyndi S., Bristol Red by Claudia Dutcher, 56 ct linen, Soie Surfine thread
Cyndi S CelestineTouchelay
Stitched by Cyndi S., Celestine Touchelay 1896 by Couleur Tourterelle, 40 ct mystery linen, Hand Dyed Fibers silk thread
DebO BerthaLausch Jan2024
Stitched by Deb O., Bertha Lausch by Hands Across the Sea on 36ct R&R American Chestnut with Vickie Clayton Hand-Dyed Fibers Silk in colorway Scarlet Fever

Deb wrote “…personalized for my maternal great-great-great grandmother (finished in January as a blessing sampler)”

DebO LoveMug Feb2024
Stitched by Deb O., Love Mug by Shannon Christine (freebie) stitched on 18 ct. linen with PC#5
DebO PeppermintPanda Feb2024cropped
Stitched by Deb O., Peppermint Panda by The Blue Flower stitched on 28ct Picture This Plus Gingerbread linen with (mainly) the called for threads
DebO WinterFling Feb2024
Stitched by Deb O., Winter Fling by Heart in Hand using kit supplies

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